7 keys to choose the right generator set

In order not to lose efficiency and durability in our generator set it is key to take into consideration a series of measures or steps when choosing generator set.

In this post we will try to explain in the simplest way the keys that we believe must be taken into account to choose the right generator without fear of being wrong.  Click here to see what generators are available.

Find the right and necessary measure with respect to the generator

The first thing is to be clear about which equipment is going to be connected to the generator and to know in a general way the delivery of power that we will need.

However, the sum of the power required for such devices is not the only thing we need to take into account.

There are a number of other factors that we must bear in mind, such as technical, use or environmental aspects.

It is important to control the large loads existing in the installation, since they can have complex electrical consumption and have transients that can cause peak consumption of fractions of a second that a poorly designed equipment will not be able to face.

Dimensioning the generator set

In this step, it is necessary to take as a basis the project, mechanical or civil works since it defines:

The necessary power and the types of consumption to cover.

The different elements that the equipment must incorporate, such as the type of start-up or fuel tanks.

The legal regulations to comply.

The site where the generator will be installed.

This information is important to know all the needs that a project can have.

Frequency of use and application of the generator

To choose the right generator set it is vital to know the energy needs for which it will be required and thus meet the needs optimally.

It is not the same that the generator is to supply power continuously, for a constant and uninterrupted electric charge than to do for a variable electric charge or to respond to emergencies.

Environmental conditions and altitude to be supported by the generator

The location and conditions of the environment where the generator will be installed is of vital importance (salinity, temperature, dust…).

At the same time, the height is a determining factor since depending on the type of engine there may be power losses.

Type of load that we will feed with the generator

This step refers to power sizing, mentioned above.

We must know what type of loads we are going to feed and take into account that there are some equipment such as pumps or motors with variators that suffer transitory intensity increases.

We will pay special attention to these types of loads:

Uninterruptible power supply systems.
Big loads of engines.
Lighting charges
Systems with frequency variators.
Loads especially sensitive to transients with power electronics or that as it happens with a computer have many electronic components.
Loads that require voltage and frequency variations for their operation.

Starting current needed to face a power outage

In a starter engine with frequency variator it will be important to keep in mind your feature sheet as it is usually configurable ramp and speed increase.

With direct ignition engines, we’ll need six times the nominal current.

In electric motors with star cranking triangle, the “starting current” is equal to 3 times the nominal or working current.

Determine the necessary emergency power

This is a crucial factor, as we indicated the generator will work in emergency situations.

If we need to start several machines simultaneously, the power we will need will always be greater than that needed for sequential booting.

We hope this post has helped you, if you want to know more visit our post on What is a generator?.

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