How to bleed the fuel system of your Axionss generator set?

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What is a generator?

The first thing to know is that a generator is composed of a diesel, gas or gasoline engine and an alternator. They are used to provide power when there are power outages or in isolated places where there is no power grid.

Operation of a generator

The generator uses fuel to generate electricity. On the other hand, the diesel engine burns the fuel to generate electrical power through the alternator.

Main uses of the generator

There are many reasons to get hold of a generator, but there are two main reasons for deciding to buy a generator.

The first reason to decide is that where you are there is no other way to have electricity since there is no electricity grid. And, second, to avoid running out of electricity when there are power outages and power outages.

There are places where energy losses can affect a lot, so a generator is the solution. When the power grid is lost the generator will ensure that it does not affect. Among others, it is important to:

  • Hospitals: Have machines connected to the power to monitor patients and some life support.
  • Information Center: if a power failure occurs you can lose a lot of data
  • Offices and buildings: lift stop, lighting…
  • Processing plant: can affect production by damaging the raw material and product.

Differences between continuous and rated standby power generators

Standby power generators are used for emergency situations, that is, in blackouts. They are complementary to sites where the power grid arrives and are only used for specific cases.

Nominal power generators are those that are used for unlimited time, that is, as a primary source of energy. It is used in places where the electrical grid does not reach, as it usually happens in industrial applications, mines…

Finally, continuous power generators are similar to nominal power generators but have a charging base. They supply power continuously at a constant load but cannot handle overloads or variable loads.

Difference between kW and kVA and why it is expressed differently by country

The difference between kilowatt (kW) and kilowatt ampere (kVA) is that kW is the actual power unit and kVA is the total power, that is the actual power plus the reactive power.

The standard power is 0.8 but can vary between 0 and 1. The kVA value always has to be higher than the kW as it includes reactive power.

Industrial and commercial generators in the United States are used in KW while in the rest of the world, for the most part, kVA is used for the reference to generators

Therefore, kW is the power that a generator set can supply with a motor and kVA is the final capacity of the generator set. Normally, both measures are indicated in generators.

How often does my generator set need?

The frequency of generators is expressed in hertz (Hz) and will vary depending on the country where the generator will be deployed.

For example, in the United States, Latin America and Middle East countries use 60Hz and most other countries use 50 Hz

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7 keys to choose the right generator set

In order not to lose efficiency and durability in our generator set it is key to take into consideration a series of measures or steps when choosing generator set.

In this post we will try to explain in the simplest way the keys that we believe must be taken into account to choose the right generator without fear of being wrong.  Click here to see what generators are available.

Find the right and necessary measure with respect to the generator

The first thing is to be clear about which equipment is going to be connected to the generator and to know in a general way the delivery of power that we will need.

However, the sum of the power required for such devices is not the only thing we need to take into account.

There are a number of other factors that we must bear in mind, such as technical, use or environmental aspects.

It is important to control the large loads existing in the installation, since they can have complex electrical consumption and have transients that can cause peak consumption of fractions of a second that a poorly designed equipment will not be able to face.

Dimensioning the generator set

In this step, it is necessary to take as a basis the project, mechanical or civil works since it defines:

The necessary power and the types of consumption to cover.

The different elements that the equipment must incorporate, such as the type of start-up or fuel tanks.

The legal regulations to comply.

The site where the generator will be installed.

This information is important to know all the needs that a project can have.

Frequency of use and application of the generator

To choose the right generator set it is vital to know the energy needs for which it will be required and thus meet the needs optimally.

It is not the same that the generator is to supply power continuously, for a constant and uninterrupted electric charge than to do for a variable electric charge or to respond to emergencies.

Environmental conditions and altitude to be supported by the generator

The location and conditions of the environment where the generator will be installed is of vital importance (salinity, temperature, dust…).

At the same time, the height is a determining factor since depending on the type of engine there may be power losses.

Type of load that we will feed with the generator

This step refers to power sizing, mentioned above.

We must know what type of loads we are going to feed and take into account that there are some equipment such as pumps or motors with variators that suffer transitory intensity increases.

We will pay special attention to these types of loads:

Uninterruptible power supply systems.
Big loads of engines.
Lighting charges
Systems with frequency variators.
Loads especially sensitive to transients with power electronics or that as it happens with a computer have many electronic components.
Loads that require voltage and frequency variations for their operation.

Starting current needed to face a power outage

In a starter engine with frequency variator it will be important to keep in mind your feature sheet as it is usually configurable ramp and speed increase.

With direct ignition engines, we’ll need six times the nominal current.

In electric motors with star cranking triangle, the “starting current” is equal to 3 times the nominal or working current.

Determine the necessary emergency power

This is a crucial factor, as we indicated the generator will work in emergency situations.

If we need to start several machines simultaneously, the power we will need will always be greater than that needed for sequential booting.

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Advantages of having a generator

Generators mainly have industrial use, however, that does not mean that they are not functional in residences.

First, the most notable advantage is that you will have guaranteed power supply. A generator set is built to provide electrical power for many hours and on a constant basis, regardless of whether there is a problem with the primary electrical system or if there is a power outage caused by natural anomalies, such as storms. Therefore, your daily activities will not be too affected.

Secondly, we can say that they present greater security. On the one hand, running out of electricity can be a big problem in our company if we are the ones who need to produce without stopping as our machinery would be affected. On the other hand, if the generator is at home to run out of supplies would be a problem especially if there are children so both in companies and at home having a generator will provide you with greater security at all times.

Also having a generator prevents a lot of damage since you will avoid the losses caused by the power cuts in your business. In addition, in your home you will prevent damage to your equipment, you can have your fridge on and your food protected, for example. Remember that one of the main characteristics of a generator is that it avoids damage to devices and machinery.

Finally, it is very profitable. If you use a generator correctly, it will be very cost effective because they are long-lasting equipment and their performance is very good.

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On December 19, 2019, the Copa del Rey match was played between Atletico Antoniano and Real Betis, in the first qualifying round.


AXIONSS had the honour of being one of the official sponsors of the meeting.


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AXIONSS was one of the many privileged to be a sponsor of this great event organized by the Club Descapotados.

This event was attended by more than 170 cars and motorcycles, all classic vehicles. These figures far exceeded the number of entries compared to last year’s event.

The beginning of this event took place in the parking lot of the hospital, where several classic vehicles were incorporated from different municipalities and other towns such as Algeciras, Seville, Utrera, Cadiz or Jerez. Most of the participants came dressed according to the time of their vehicle as indicated on the poster.

The course of this great event was a success and of course, it could not end in any other way than with a party with live performances.

Undoubtedly one of the largest events organized in which AXIONSS had the honor of being a sponsor.

Quite a classic party!



How does a generator set work?

Generator sets are machines made up of a motor that can run on Diesel, Gas, or Petrol, together with an alternator, which is capable of transforming the mechanical energy from the motor into electrical energy while maintaining a difference in electrical power.
between its two poles. This transformation is achieved thanks to the action of a magnetic field on the electrical conductors that are in the stator, thus generating an electromotive force thanks to the relative movement between the magnetic field and the conductors.

This is based on the so-called Faraday Law “The induced voltage of a closed circuit is directly proportional to the speed with which the magnetic flux passing through any surface with the circuit as edge changes over time”, which means this more clearly wants To say that the Generator Set uses a magnetic field to generate movement between electrons, thus producing electrical energy.

When connecting the conductive coil to the direct current, a change in the flux of the magnetic field occurs, causing a turn on itself, giving rise to an automotive force that ultimately becomes electricity.


How to get better performance from a generator set?

Preventive maintenance of your generator set is very important, a factor that will avoid possible errors and problems during the period of activity, since both the engine and the rest of the components require periodic checks and a correct check-up before their initial start-up.

To have a better performance in our generator set we will have to do a general inspection and go on to more specific tasks. We will have to take care that dirt and dust are not installed over time inside your equipment, try to keep it clean, likewise the control panel and the switches must be kept clean and periodically, the batteries we supply do not require maintenance.

If you have doubts, from Axionss we can help you choose the best hours for engine oil changes, air filter changes and diesel filter changes, with which you can extend the life of your generator set, in addition to avoiding unnecessary breakdowns . You can also find all these details in the instruction manual and on the sticker that can be seen on the outside of your generator set.

It is also recommended to always use quality coolants and oils and the same grades that were delivered with the purchase and appear in the manuals, never use used liquids. If the generator set is used on a trailer continuously,
Contact Axionss, where we will inform you of the necessary steps to avoid breakdowns in your generator set due to the vibration produced during the trips.


What power do I need in my Generator Set?

The first thing you should check to be able to calculate the power you need for your generator set is that you will connect to the generator set, simultaneously, how you will connect it and how often you will. The fluid power of the generator is expressed in kilowatts, for this reason, the clearest thing would be to know the consumption in KW of the devices to be connected, despite being expressed on the plate of the equipment to be connected in Horsepower CV (1 cv = 0.76 KW) or in another power measurement.
Knowing how they will be connected is also important, as it is not the same if we connect all the appliances to the Generator Set at the same time or on the contrary it can be started sequentially. In addition, we must take into account that the starting consumption will always be much higher. On the other hand, if your Generator Set is going to work continuously, you have to calculate that it will need between 10% and 15% more power to enter the continuous power range, if you take it into account it will contribute to lengthening the useful life of the team since I work as more efficiently.


How to maintain my generator set?

The maintenance tasks of the generator set are an essential task to extend the life of our equipment as well as avoid breakdowns. The
Preventive maintenance tasks can be divided into two parts: on the one hand the mechanical part and on the other hand the electronic components. It is important to start with a general inspection of the state of the engine, focusing on the water circuit, injection pump, oil level and alternator. In order not to have overheating problems, it is necessary to check the radiator’s water level while it is in its adequate capacity, as well as that the generator set is found. in a ventilated place or outdoors if possible, as the equipment must not operate at an outdoor temperature higher than 40 degrees.

Diesel levels should also be checked, not rushing the contents of the tank to avoid dirt that may accumulate at the bottom of the tank, watch for possible oil or water leaks etc.

Another vital part is to verify that the pump and alternator belts are tight and in good condition, ending by checking the transfer pumps.

Within the electrical part of the generator set, it is important to clean the control panel as well as the commutations, carrying out a test from the automation panel to avoid errors during the period of activity, to finish the electronic check, the voltage of the generator set and grid in volts, as well as the frequency of cycles per second or the intensity of the power system.


Where is the best place to install a generator set?

Obviously the first thing to do is look for a space in the installation where it does not hinder the daily tasks. The base will have to know the quality and material of the soil, cement or any material that will support the weight, taking into account the weight of the generator set, as well as its additional weights, oils, refrigerant, battery, etc. If the generator set is located on a building floor or floor, insulation is important to avoid vibrations. This insulation can be done with silent block rubber plugs in the support part of the generator set, being the soundproof equipment more interesting than soundproofing the room where it is located.

Pay close attention to the installation of gas outlet to the outside according to the regulations (extractor pipe widths, distances, curves of external pipes) as well as the entrance or intake of air through an area open to the outside (windows or open space), in In case the place to install the generator set. Adequate forced air assist ducts need to be designed to supply air to
our generator set. Otherwise we will find ourselves with overheating, low performance and a short life for our generator set.

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