ATS Switching Table 4P-100A

Product parameters

Insulation voltage: 750 V
Rated voltage: AC440V
Rated current: 100A
Nominal impulse resistance voltage: 8KV
Nominal short circuit capacity: 10 le
Rated short time resistance current: 9KA

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  • The mobile and static contacts are made of 99.99% high purity T2 copper, the outer shell is made of SMC or ABS material and the three test process is used. The AC-33A grade product has high reliability and long service life;
  • During the conversion process and after closing, the pressure between the mobile and static contacts is constant, and the equipment failure caused by the high voltage pulse generated by the contact bumps or jolts is minimized; < / li>
  • The current coverage range is 6A-6300A, which can easily meet the diversified load requirements of civil, industrial and commercial applications. It is applicable to first, second and third level distribution network systems in the low voltage power distribution field.

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ATS Switching Table 4P-100A