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HAT160 ATS Controller is suitable for CB ATS of single motor with different capacities. It can accurately detect 2-way voltages of 3-phase 4-wire/single-phase 2-wire and make accurate judgment for occurred voltage abnormal (such as, over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency and loss of phase), then control ATS transfer after delay. When ATS switch gets abnormal, controller can detect close/open failure and indicates alarm on the front panel to ensure the correct action of ATS. If  I# power gets abnormal, controller can send signal to start genset. Controller can realize remote communication, remote control and parameter configuration functions via LINK port communication.

Additional information

  1. Measure and display 2-way 3 phase/single phase Voltage and Frequency:

    1#                                2#

    Line voltage   (Uab, Ubc, Uca)    Line voltage   (Uab, Ubc, Uca)

    Phase voltage (Ua, Ub, Uc)        Phase voltage (Ua, Ub, Uc)

    Frequency    Hz                   Frequency    Hz

  2. Over/under voltage, over/under frequency and loss of phase detection function, active or deactive can be configured;
  3. Close/Open failure alarm indication;
  4. Panel LEDs can clearly display switch working status;
  5. Auto/Manual mode transfer. In manual mode, ATS can be switched manually by pressing front panel button;
  6. 2-way isolated N wire design.
  7. ATS supply priority (1# Priority/2# Priority (Auto throw auto restore), No priority (auto throw non restore), and 1#/2# power voltage normal/abnormal delay parameters can be set from front panel;
  8. Re-closing function for power off;
  9. Over close delay function and delay time is 0.5s;
  10. If A phase voltage of any one way is normal, controller can control ATS to act. Under the circumstance of A phase voltage of any one way is normal, if 2 way power voltages are abnormal at the same time, ATS will automatically transfer to breaking (neutral) position;
  11. Forced open input port (fire reset) is fitted; when input is active, ATS will automatically transfer to breaking (neutral) position;
  12. Parameter setting function: part of parameters can be adjusted from controller front panel, all parameters can be adjusted via LINK port (use SG72A adaptor) on computer software;
  13. Digital adjustment is applied for parameters, getting rid of analogue modulation method of potentiometer, improving whole reliability and stability;
  14. Extremely strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, suitable for usage under complex environment of strong electromagnetic interference;
  15. Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable wiring terminal, and compact structure;
  16. 3 installation methods are offered: panel built-in, internal 35mm slideway and internal screw mounting.

Technical Parameters

-AC System
-Alternator Frequency
-Monitor Interface
-Programmable Interface
-Switch Over Priority
-Applicable Switch Type
One Motor Operation
-Case Dimensions(mm)
-Panel Cutout(mm)
-Operating Temp.