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HT40M Water Heater enjoys wide application on various engine coolant pre-heated. It has fine cast aluminum enclosure and self-extinguishing engineering plastics end closure, easy and convenient to use.

If during cranking the ambient temperature is lower than 4ºC, engine coolant and lubricant may condense into solid state and lose their lubricating and cooling properties, which can damage the engine. Therefore engine heater should be installed to ensure normal starting and running of the engine when the ambient temperature is lower than 4 ºC.

HT40M Water Heater combines the following features: cast stainless steel inner pipes and end closure with high corrosion resistance; power, heating and overheat protection light indicators; 3 kinds of heaters with different heating temperature are optional (Standard heater: 40ºC; 50ºC and 60ºC heaters are needed to be customized).

This product is suitable for various engines with (13~25) L displacement.

Additional information

  1. Fine cast aluminum enclosure, stainless steel inner pipes and sealed end closure;
  2. Coolant temperature is controlled by thermostat which is installed within the heater. It has simple connections and high reliability;
  3. Power, heating and overheat protection light indicators make it easy to observe the heater status;
  4. Both of the two water inlets have one-way inlet valve and they sit on either side of the heater; Users can choose any one to use during installation;
  5. Both of the two line inlets are knock-down design; Users can choose suitable one to use according to the installation way. Waterproof joint (stuffing box) are provided;
  6. There is a water drain valve with seal ring on the bottom of the heater so as to be used when needed;
  7. Overheating thermostat provides the protection of dry heating and overheating;
  8. Press Test button to test-run the unit when ambient temperature is over high;
  9. This product can work normally at -40 ºC temperature.

Technical Parameters

-Rated Power
-Rated Voltage
-Rated Current
-Engine Displacement(L)
-Thermostat Set Point
(40±3 )℃
-Overheating Switch Range
Off:(110±4)℃ Reset:Manual≤95℃
-Electrical Strength
AC 1.5KV 1min
-Insulating Resistance
-Inlet/Outlet Size
-Max. Water Pressure
-Protection Level
-Vibration Resistance
(5~8)Hz;Amplitude ±7.5mm;Tri-axia;(8~500)Hz;a=2g;Tri-axia;
-Shock Resistance
-Manual test
-Overheat manual reset
-Case Dimensions(mm)
5.6(include accessories)